This vest has all the features at a great price point and is a solid choice for any watersport. The Cause features high-end materials and a comfortable fit at an excellent price point.PURE-LITE NEOPRENEThe material we use is lightweight and soft, it feels nice when you put it on and it looks premium.  It’s also durable and tolerant to all the sun’s harmful rays so it wont fade.AERO-JET FRONT PANELS AND JET-FOAM BACK PANELSWe use Aero Jet foam in the front of the vest and Jet-foam in the back.  Aero Jet (in the front) is what makes the vest float but what makes it awesome is its extremely soft and pillowy.  Jet-foam (in the back) is a wafered foam that is durable and lightweight.YKK SELF LOCKING ZIPYKK = premium, which means that it wont break or lock up and the zip head wont get stuck.  The zipper teeth are coated with high strength plastic to increase durability.  Its also UV treated so the sun wont bake and fade it.MULTI-FLEX PANELThe foam is cut in different shapes through different panels in the front, back, and sides.  Shaun tells us where to put it, he wants more around his ribs and sides, mainly where the impact from a fall hurts the most.  He wants comfort and mobility through the shoulders.INTERNAL DUAL BUCKLE DESIGNThis USCG approved type 3 (look at vest terminology page for details) vest has 2 buckles and a front zip.  Internal or enclosed straps are a premium features because they reduce the potential for twisting, snags, or tangles.INTERNAL MESH DRAIN PANELSWater finds its way into the vest (between the foam and neoprene) so these drain panels flush the water out to keep it light.
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