2021 Slingshot BOSS HOSS

2021 Slingshot BOSS HOSS

SKU: 5’6” | SKU 12123905
5’6” | SKU 12123905

The BOSS HOSS is built for all those surfers out there who have “tried everything and just can’t seem to let go of the rope!” At 5’6’ long and 26” wide, it’s a whole new breed of wakesurf board that simply won’t quit. This board has the most surface area of ANY board on the market, it surfs on the smallest of waves, provides unmatched stability (due to its size), and yes, as you may have guessed, is the perfect board for your uncle Randy who broke the rope last summer on his deepwater start. The BOSS HOSS will also allow you to surf farther back on the wave than any other wakesurfer on the market and has plenty of deck-space grip pad for a friend or furry companion to join you.

With more surface area than any other wakesurf board available, the Boss Hoss is your absolute best chance at surfing WITHOUT the rope - on virtually ANY size wave. If the Hoss can’t do it, it simply isn’t possible.

1. Large Surface Area: The largest surface area of any wakesurf board on the market promises success for all sizes of riders on all sizes of waves, all the way down to center console ski boats
2. Customizable Fin Configurations: The G10 Tri-fin setup can be run in a thruster, twin, or single fin configuration based on rider preferences.
3. Full EVA Deck Pad: Smooth to the touch and GRIPPY WHEN WET, our new EVA deck-pads are not too soft and not too firm. Just the way we like it.
4. Fast Rocker Lines: The key to success when surfing small waves and being able to let go of the rope behind the boat.
5. Mild Nose Rocker: Just enough to keep you from pearling (nose diving) but not enough to slow down the board speed. The happy medium.

Package includes: Boss Hoss Board, (3) G10 bolt-on fins
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